Risk Assessment

EHS Support utilizes the risk assessment process to determine the most appropriate approach for taking projects forward to address potential exposure to human and ecological receptors, limiting your environmental and financial risks. We interact directly on the client’s behalf with EPA and state regulatory agencies, as well as various international, regional, and local departments and authorities.

We recognize the cost-benefit factor for pursuing additional risk assessment phases. To meet client expectations, we focus risk assessments in a cost-effective manner that demonstrates responsibility for assessment of potential impacts and ensures environmentally sound protective strategies. Our approach provides our clients with the information necessary to eliminate unwarranted remediation activity through the identification of aggressive remediation goals for realistic risk-reduction.

EHS Support has a reputation for combining technical expertise and practical experience. Some of the innovative risk assessment approaches we conducted have included:

  • Development of a streamline approach to selection of constituents of concern from multiple lines of evidence relative to exposure areas
  • Application of the risk assessment methodology to emerging technologies such as hydraulic fracturing for natural gas production
  • Triad sediment assessment to address relative versus absolute ecological risks
  • Development of alternative stream risk-based criteria based on quality of the stream.

Related Expertise:

  • Applied Epidemiology
  • EHS Management
  • Human Health Sciences
  • Toxicological Sciences
  • Risk Based Allocation Models.

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