Ecological & Human Health Risk Assessments

Potential human health and ecological risks linked to exposure to chemicals in the environment present a challenge when it comes to protecting your employees and your investments. EHS Support will analyze these potential risks to provide evaluation of beneficial reuse options for wastes, and to provide realistic and relevant cleanup goals for environmental remediation projects, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Our process involves four components:

  1. Hazard identification – A statistical evaluation of environmental data and the selection of constituents of concern (COC).
  2. Exposure Assessment – Includes characterization of potential exposures to COCs by receptors identified in a conceptual site model via complete exposure pathways, development of media-specific exposure point concentrations for COCs, and systemic doses for applicable potential receptors are determined for use in the estimation of daily intakes over specified exposure time periods.
  3. Toxicity Assessment.
  4. Risk Characterization.

EHS risk assessment projects include multi-disciplinary environmental assignments throughout the world. These projects include both baseline information development and spatial and temporal analysis of existing and projected impacts on human and ecological receptors. Our team interacts directly on the client’s behalf with EPA and state regulatory agencies as well as various international, regional, and local departments and authorities.

EHS provides technical input from work plan through remedial alternative selection and risk communication, and has designed and conducted ecological and human health risk assessments for site investigations and remedial response actions at regulated and non-regulated facilities. Our experience includes human health and ecological risk assessments, sediment, air, and water quality issues, and natural resources assessments. In addition, we provide expert testimony and legal support on projects including recovery of cleanup costs and safe remediation of sites. As a client advocate, we review and develop comments on proposed regulations and guidance documents, and provide overall technical guidance to project teams developing risk-based solutions to environmental management issues.

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Ecological & Human Health Risk Assessments Team: