Sustainability.  It’s about trust.

Why should your organization engage in sustainability reporting? It’s about trust.  Sustainability reporting fosters trust by strengthening your organization’s core values, promoting your business strategy, and enhancing transparency and accountability. Your stakeholders will see in black and white how a demonstrated commitment to sustainability positively affects the organization’s bottom line.

Large or small, your organization can achieve a competitive advantage by employing sustainability evaluations. The financial, brand reputation, and environmental benefits are clear and quantifiable.

At EHS Support, we understand your industry and have been providing sustainable solutions for over 10 years. We want to continue to work with you to protect and enhance your brand by identifying and strengthening sustainable practices throughout your business.

  • Sustainability Services

    EHS Support will work with you to incorporate sustainability into your overall business strategy, enhancing and protecting your brand. We will work with your organization to develop tools for strategic thinking, tracking and measuring sustainability success, and quantifying the financial gain. We will develop custom sustainability reports for your organization to help engage your stakeholders and share your story.

    Sustainability reporting services include:

    Sustainability Evaluation and Reporting

    • Assess economic, social and environmental impacts
    • Support stakeholder engagement
    • Focus on materiality and what’s important to your organization

    Integrated Reporting

    • Provides a cohesive approach to reporting
    • Integrates financial and sustainability practices

    Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Reporting

    • Mitigate non-financial risk
    • Increase ROI in mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures

    In support of these services, our team is also experienced in supply chain management, stakeholder engagement, water and energy auditing, waste minimization, product life cycle analysis and CDP reporting. EHS Support uses the GRI Framework in our sustainability services. You can be assured that our experts are using industry best-practices based on the GRI Reporting Framework. Contact us to create your organization’s sustainability platform and help tell your story.

  • Sustainability at EHS Support

    EHS Support practices sustainability at multiple levels. Our virtual office business model provides many opportunities to create practices that are easy on the environment. Daily travel to the office is eliminated because our employees work from home. “Green” behaviors such as recycling, energy efficiency, and “buy as you need” office supplies are employed at each of our home offices. We have leveraged cloud-based technology to manage data and assist with internal/external communications.

    Our ETHOS’s Leadership program invests in professional growth, fosters teamwork, and provides education for the future leaders of EHS Support. Our professionals are encouraged to support volunteer efforts in their community, such as Engineers without Borders.

    We are in the initial stages of conducting our first sustainability review based on GRI G4 Guidelines. We believe the evaluation will strengthen our core values, promote our business strategy, and enhance transparency and accountability at EHS Support.

    At EHS Support, we realize that we have an obligation to foster an environment of sustainability. We take it personally and realize that we can impact the world around as both individuals and as a company. Whether it is the sustainability services that we offer our clients, the benefits associated with our virtual work environment, or as part of our governance and ethics program overseen by our board of directors, we embrace sustainability with the same vigor and service-oriented results that we apply to our business model.  We want our legacy to be that we made the world a better place because we acted. – Kenny Ogilvie, CEO

Contact Kenny Ogilvie today to learn how to increase value and build trust through transparency within your organization.


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