Water Resources

The importance of water resources to the economic viability and profitability of resource development projects, as well as providing reliable and secure sources of water for potable use, industrial, and agricultural sectors, has produced a rapid increase in the demand of high quality services.

EHS Support provides a full range of water services for industrial clients across multiple market sectors, including oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and wood treating.  Our water resource services are grouped as follows:

Water Resources Management: this includes large-scale water resources project with a focus on groundwater use and availability.

Shale and Coal Seam Gas Water Management and Monitoring: This generally includes developing sustainable solutions for the use of water during development, managing produced water, and monitoring potential impacts to water resources associated with the development of shale and coal seam gas projects.

Groundwater Impact Assessment: This includes evaluation of groundwater impacts through field-based assessment, numerical modelling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport, and groundwater remediation system design and optimization.

We bring a wide variety of assets and experience to water management and monitoring with many staff members having worked in industry, geological and hydrogeological research organizations, management groups, and consulting companies. This team includes hydro-geologists, geologists, groundwater modelers, engineers, risk assessors, and environmental approvals specialists who have worked in the US and internationally.


Water Resource Management Team: