Shale & Coal Seam Gas Water Management & Monitoring

EHS Support has a long history of providing practical water management solutions to the oil and gas and resource development sectors. These project assignments have involved a diverse range of operational and compliance issues which have required the use of full range of our engineering, scientific, hydrogeological and compliance resources.

Water resources management is an important component of oil and gas projects, resulting in appreciable capital outlays and operational expenses. We understand that proper water management effects the economic viability and profitability of resource development projects.

Our diverse group of scientists and engineers always aim to understand our client’s needs, and then work with our clients to develop common sense solutions that are both practical and implementable.

Oil and Gas Water Management Services Include:

  • Management of aquifer recharge evaluations and trials
  • Brine injection evaluations
  • Water supply and groundwater monitoring well design and construction supervision
  • Water monitoring strategies, plans, and procedures
  • Water management strategies and plans
  • Beneficial re-use assessments
  • Groundwater and surface water sampling.

Shale & Coal Seam Gas Water Management & Monitoring Team: