Water Resource Management

EHS Support provides our clients with a full spectrum of water resources management services from groundwater and surface water sampling and evaluation, development of conceptual site models and, development of regional groundwater management plans and numerical models.

EHS Support possesses both national and international experience with large-scale groundwater impact studies, having successfully designed and installed well monitoring systems, collected samples, and evaluated groundwater flow and aquifer properties for our clients. We utilize our state of the art water modeling technology to map groundwater flow and solute carriage to determine the nature and extent of aquifer contamination and to outline plume boundaries.

EHS Support has the capability to perform large-scale pumping tests for your company to calculate the long-term yield and efficiency of groundwater extraction systems.

With the use of our expansive computer-modeling library, we are able to simulate specific groundwater conditions to investigate and calculate the movement of groundwater and contaminates in the system. We are able to pinpoint aquifer properties and trends to determine the source and migration of groundwater contaminates through combined flow and contaminate transport models.

The EHS Support team has experience in aquifer testing and evaluation, groundwater modeling, hydrogeologic investigation, well field siting and expansion, well field evaluation studies and well head protection plans.

Specific services include:

  • Water Use and Sustainability Assessment
  • Groundwater Basin Conceptualization and Numerical Modeling Analyses
  • Aquifer Characterization
  • Ambient Water Quality Characterization
  • Saline Water Intrusion Characterization.

Water Resource Management Team: